Article Marketing


Here’s the deal! Article Marketing is a great way to get tons of traffic and load your accounts with tons of cash.
Unfortunately, chances are good that YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!

Let me clarify that a bit…

  • Are you following the Gurus of Article Marketing who always say the same thing?
  • Are you not seeing hundreds of visitors to your articles daily?
  • Are you not making ridiculous amounts of money from your efforts?

If any of the above describe you – YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.

We all know one of the great things about the Internet is that there are so many different methods of making money but one of the best methods of making money has to be Article Marketing.

On the most basic level, article marketing is the process of writing short articles, usually 400-600 words in length, and submitting them to different types of websites across the internet. Notice I said, “…different types of websites,” and not, “different article directories.” One of the very first mistakes t click on the hyperlink(s) and end up on your website. The more people that find and read your articles, the higher the chance of getting targeted traffic to your website.

When you submit to article directories, there is an added bonus. Article directories do not exist for the sole purpose of posting your articles in their directory. When an article is published to an article directory, it is added to a queue of other articles that are “fed” to a multitude of other websites who are looking to the article directory for fresh, quality content.

Soon after your article is published by an article directory, it will be fed to, and found on dozens, hundreds or even thousands of other websites. And the beauty of this is that your article’s resource box is also fed to these other websites. In a matter of a few hours your article and hyperlinks (to your website) are all over the internet…just waiting for hungry searchers to find it, read it and click through to your sales page!

Again, article directories are not the only place you will be submitting your articles. You can also submit them directly to authority websites within your niche. If your article is accepted and published at one of these websites, you will be able to “piggy-back” off their traffic to get even more targeted leads to your website.

Then you will be submitting your articles to the top Ezines related to your niche. Ezines are online versions of magazines. Ezine owners produce these online magazines and send them to their lists of subscribers. Frequently, Ezines will publish online articles written by others (you) within specific niches.

Ezines have the most impressive power when it comes to article marketing. Some of the larger-sized Ezines have massive amounts of subscribers. If your article is published in an Ezine, it is quite possible to get your article seen and read (resource box and all) by literally tens of thousands of people in a matter of a couple of hours.

By creating well-written and properly constructed articles and submitting them to article directories, authority websites and ezines, you will soon begin to see your traffic and sales increasing with each and every article you write and submit. By the time you finish reading this ebook, you will be able to produce these kinds of articles.

Now, I am not going to sugar-coat things here. Proper article marketing takes time and effort. As the saying goes, “You get out of it what you put into it.” If you are going to do this right, then you are not going to take shortcuts and you are not going to cut corners.

Along with your article, you are also allowed to submit a short paragraph or two about yourself, your product and/or your services. This short paragraph is known as your “resource information” and is usually entered into what is called a resource box. Within this resource box, you are usually allowed to include up to three hyperlinks to your website.

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